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Q. How Do I Become A Contestant?”


A. The Mrs. Alabama America Competition is open to all ladies that are married at the time of entry, have lived in Alabama three months prior to the competition and are a citizen of the United States. Request an application and one will be sent to your email address. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully to be sure you qualify.

Q. When will applications for the competition be available?”


A. They are available now. You can download the Application and Information under the “Enter” section in the Menu Bar. There is also information under the Event Information section in the Menu Bar. If you have questions I will be happy to talk with you on the phone. I can be reached at 205-491-0846 from 9 AM to 6 PM – Monday through Friday.

Q. How many contestants compete in the state competition?


A. The number varies each year so it is not possible to state an accurate number.

Q. Do I have to have children to participate?


A. No.

Q. Am I too old or too young to enter the competition?


A. The Rules state that a contestant must be 18 years of age but does not specify an age that makes you ineligible. The judges are not directed to consider your age when choosing the next Mrs. Alabama America. There is no information on the Contestant Biographical Information that the judges receive that tells them your age….so unless you tell them they will not know your age.

Q. Will the pageant be televised?


A. No. No state pageants are allowed to be live streamed.

Q. What if I can’t get enough sponsors to cover the fee?


A. The “Contestant Handbook” on the website explains how to obtain sponsors and gives suggestions for fund raising events. Your family, friends and local businesses will usually be supportive when you share your dreams and goals with them.

Q. Do I Have To Win a Preliminary

Competition to compete?


A. No. There are no other Alabama Preliminaries to the Mrs. America Competition. You do not have to have a talent or previous experience to participate.




Q. Is there a fee to participate in the Competition?”


A. Yes. There is a fee of $695.00 which covers your participation fee, meals during competition and production of the event. There are many expenses incurred in the production of the competition. Also, the winner receives round trip airfare to Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel and meals for the Mrs. America Competition A participation fee is necessary for us to produce the competition and pay these expenses for the winner.


Q. What if I have been married previously?


A. A previous marriage does not make you ineligible to compete in the pageant. You must be legally married to your present husband

Q. I have never competed in a pageant before. Does that matter?


A. No. Every year we may have ladies who have never competed and ladies who have been competing for years.

Q. What if I raise more sponsorship money than the sponsorship fee?


A. Some Contestants use the extra funds to cover expenses associated with the pageant. You could purchase a Spotlight Ad in the Program Book or use it in renting or purchasing your competition wardrobe.

Q. What are spotlight ads?


A. Many contestants purchase special advertising pages in our Official State Program Book. This is a great way for you as a contestant to gain added recognition and exposure by “spotlighting” your photo more than once in our book. As a contestant, your photo is automatically included on the Contestant Page. The Spotlight Pages are something extra. Many times, your family members, friends, and other supporters want to give you added visibility. The Spotlight Pages are $400.00 for a full-page ad color ad that is created and ready for the printer and $450.00 for a full page color ad that has to be created. Only color full page ads are acceptable. Spotlight Advertising is NOT required. However, the judges select “Mrs. Photogenic” from the ads in the program book.


Q. How is the competition judged?


A. The judging categories are: Beauty – Poise and Personality – Swimsuit (one piece) and Evening Gown.

Each category counts twenty five percent.

Q. Who are the judges and where do they come from?


A. We work hard every year searching for outstanding individuals to serve in these positions. Our judges are always from varied backgrounds. We make every effort to be sure the judges do not know a contestant. They sign documents stating they do not know, have not coached and to the best of their knowledge have no affiliation to any contestant

Q. Will I be judged on community service?


A. No. This is a beauty pageant. The new Mrs. Alabama America often times has a special interest that she would like to speak about and promote throughout her year.

Q. Do I have to have a platform?


A. No.

Q. Will I be judged on community service?


A. No. This is a beauty pageant. The new Mrs. Alabama America often times has a special interest that she would like to speak about and promote throughout her year.

Q. Do I have to shop with the competition sponsors when preparing for competition?


A. No. The sponsor information is provided for your information. The sponsors are very knowledgeable about preparing for the competition but you are NOT required to purchase or rent your wardrobe from a sponsor.

Q. What type of photo should I use for my official state competition photo in the program book?


A. Most contestants submit a professional “head and shoulders” photo with no hats or crowns on their head or hands in their face. Detailed instructions are in the online Contestant Section Manual.

Q. Is there a talent portion of the competition?


A. No. There is no performing talent competition.

We believe that being a wife, mother, and all the

other job titles you perform qualifies as talent.

Q. Will the photo I submit with my

application be used in the program book?


A. Only if you do not send another photo

by the program book deadline.

Q. Am I required to have a competition coach?


A. No. While some contestants feel more prepared when they work with an experienced pageant coach, many contestants have won titles without any outside training. Contestants also turn to their state directors for assistance, as the directors are experienced in providing effective guidance about the pageant. Even though some contestants wish to seek expert advice, we do not see this reflected in the overall outcome of the pageant. Focus on being your “personal best!”

Q. What type of Opening Number outfit do I need?


A. The Opening Number is not a judging category.

However, you want to look gorgeous….this is the

first time the judges see you on stage with makeup,

smiling, walking and showing your personality.


As the pageant begins, each contestant will be

introduced to the audience during an upbeat, choreographed introduction number. The choreographed moves are very easy – so you do not need to be a dancer. I would describe

the introduction number as fast walking to music to form various lines and patterns on the stage. The Opening

Number outfit this year is a red cocktail dress (beaded

or not beaded) and clear or flesh colored shoes.


Q. Do I have to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe?


A. No. There are gown rental shops and thrift shops that many contestants use in their preparation for the pageant.


Q. When will the contestant photos be posted on the website?


A. Approximately one week prior to the pageant.

Q. If I am not named as a semi-finalist, will I still be in the competition finals?


A. Yes. The non-finalists will still participate on stage throughout the evening. All contestants will be on stage for the crowning as well as previous Mrs. Alabama America titleholders in attendance.

Q. Can I have a personal assistant backstage at the competition?


A. No. Only contestants, competition volunteers and staff are permitted in the dressing room or backstage. There will be competition volunteers in the dressing rooms to assist you with some of your preparation for the show, such as zipping gowns, pinning on numbers, applying swimsuit glue, etc. You should be able to do most of your show preparation. If you were to be crowned Mrs. Alabama America and represent Alabama at Mrs. America…..they do not allow personal backstage assistants.

Q. Can we videotape the pageant?


A. No. Videotaping by members of the audience is prohibited. You will have the opportunity to purchase videotape and photo packages from our official photographers and videographers.

Q. What if I can’t get my fee in before the deadline?


A. Deadlines are very important. They allow us to make timely program preparations. However, we realize sometimes the collection of fees from a sponsor may take longer than you expected. Therefore, extension on due dates are available if you will call or email the office and explain your situation and when you will be able to send the total fee. Your fee must be paid in full before you can compete in the competition.

Q. Do I Need to Bring a Gift for each contestant?


A. No.

Q. Do I need to pay for my meals while at the competition?


A. No. Your meals throughout the day of the state competition are provided. Although we do recommend that you are prepared for any additional snacks that you may want to have handy. If you have any special dietary requirements, please plan ahead and bring those foods/drinks with you.

Q. When will tickets and programs be available?


A. Tickets and Pageant Program Books will be available on the day of the pageant at 5 PM in the lobby of the theater. Last year the tickets were $35.00 each and all General Admission. Children over 5 years of age will be admitted to the pageant and the ticket price is the same. Pageant Programs were $20.00 each. They are full color programs and make excellent souvenirs. We usually sell out so it is a good idea to buy one when you buy your ticket. TICKETS AND PROGRAMS ARE CASH ONLY. NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED!!!!!

Q. Can I get my scores so I can prepare for next year?


A. No actual scores will be available.

Q. Can I buy a video of the 2018 competition?


A. Once you have qualified as a contestant you can purchase a DVD of the 2018 pageant. They are $85.00 each. Send a check made payable to: Mrs. Alabama America and mail it to 3985 Parkwood Road, Suite 323 – Birmigham, AL 35022.







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